Sample Medical Sciences Paper on a key role in drug metabolism

Cytochrome P450, or CYP450, plays a key role in drug metabolism. However, genetic variations, such as a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), may result in an individual\’s altered or unexpected drug response. For example, an individual may be unusually resistant or sensitive to a particular drug. While there are over 50 CYP genes, eight are responsible for the metabolism of most medications. For this assignment, each member of the group should complete one row of the grid below and answer each question below: What is the substrate or substrate impacted by this CYP450 enzyme? Is this considered an inducer or inhibitor? What is the clinical significance of this (alternate drug therapy required, alternate dosing, etc.)? Is there a particular population that is most likely to be impacted? Group members should communicate with one another to ensure that Evidence-based references should be listed in APA format at the document\’s bottom. HINTS: It may be helpful to create a google doc with the blank grid for all members to complete This also ensures that only one group member chooses each row Substrate: drug metabolized by CYP450 Inhibitors and inducers – affect the rate of metabolism CYP2B6 is enzyme that I chose You dont have to do the assignment in a grid, when its completed I will enter the assignment on a grid.