Sample Medicine Paper on Advances in Medical Technologies

Focus of Medical Research

Medical research is diverse and dependent on the needs of the society and organization that funds it. It provides crucial information on disease characteristics and risk factors, treatment outcomes, and necessary health interventions. Different research methodologies may lead to the invention of new therapies and considerable improvement in the medical field. Additionally, research helps in assessing functional abilities in hospitals and the care pattern for patients, including costs and expenses.

In my opinion, current medical research should focus on superbugs, strains of bacteria that are resistant to commonly used antibiotics. I believe this is essential because of the high mortality caused by such bacteria. About 23,000 out of the two million people that are infected annually die from it.

Two Technological Advances That Have Made a Tremendous Impact on Society

There have been many medical technological advances in history. But, in my opinion, the 1979 invention of antiviral drugs by Gertrude Elion and George Hitchings, and the 1980 innovation of the first commercial MRI scanner by Raymond Damadian have made the most impact on society (“Milestones in Medical Technology”). Antiviral drugs have been tremendously useful in the treatment of viral illnesses and in preventing outbreaks of other infections such as herpes. Similarly, the MRI scanner is invaluable in radiology and images of organs in the body. It has been essential in examining anatomic and physiological processes in the body, both healthy and diseased.

The Top Medical Advance in 2017

The fruition of the cytosponge is the most exciting technology in 2017. It is a sponge attached to a string used in the diagnosis of esophageal cancer (“2017 Top 10 Medical Inventions and Innovations You Should Know!”).  The sponge is swallowed by patients and expands in their stomachs after which it is pulled out. It collects cells all along the food pipe unlike other biopsy methods that collect only at certain points. The cells are then sent to the laboratory for analysis. The cytosponge might well be a replacement of endoscopy, which is invasive.


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