Sample Movie Review Essay-What Do We Know About Africa

What Do We Know About Africa

This is short film that details and casts dispel on the stereotypes about Africa as a continent. This s brought through a basic overview of the history, culture and geography of the continent. Africa is a continent that usually makes headlines quite often for all the wrong reasons. It always reports a wide range of bad activities ranging from civil wars, people killing one another, leaders rigging elections, corruption, famine, deaths as a result of malaria, HIV/AIDS and inaccessibility to healthcare services. Such are the reasons why the continent has been named the Dark Continent. However, it should be noted that aside from all the bad stories that emanate from Africa, there also a different side in the picture. This movie tries to create the perception that can be compared with those obtained from the news.

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The movie looks into the geographical state of the continent that features equatorial forests, deserts and savannahs that is home to lions and other wild animals. Besides, it also digs into the traditional African religions and how the early European settlers and explorers treated them with inferiority. On the other hand, the film also tries to bring in the perception about the significance of ancestors and family to these religions, thus, overturning those impressions and giving proof that indeed Africans were spiritual people. It also sheds light on the African continent’s diversity. For instance, not all countries in Africa experience a hot climate, has a mountain or rainforests. In the same way, not every African country is predominantly Christian or Muslim. Besides, the main food crops vary from one country to another. This is the kind of diversity that is illustrated in the movie. Thus, this film showcases many aspects of the African culture that many people are not knowledgeable about.

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