Sample Movie Review on The film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”

The film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” has several scenes revolving around the perspective of memory. There are two major characters, Joel Barish and Clementine, who at first are a couple, but they later break up. One of the scenes in the film is in a train, and it involves a woman, identified as Clementine greeting a man, who is identified as Joel Barish. It is evident that Joel takes time to comprehend or encode Clementine’s intended message, forcing the latter to repeat her statement. Another scene in the film, a presumption can be made that Joel is in his house where he remembers having met a woman who he believes is his ex-wife. Joel is surprised by the fact that his ex-wife is with another man and does not even remember him let alone remembering that they were a couple. The third scene in the film is where Joel remembers the past experiences he had with his wife, and these include where and how they met, the good moments they spent together, and the painful moments of their break up. Joel remembers all these while undergoing a process of erasing his memory so that he could forget everything about Clementine just as the latter had done. The fourth scene of focus, in this case, is where Clementine meets Joel while she is with another man but she is unable to remember that he was her husband. In the scene, Clementine forgets everything about Joel, and this was after she had undergone a process of having her memory of Joel Barish erased from her mind.
There are various memory concepts that are closely associated with the scenes identified above. One of the memory concepts in close association with the first scene is memory encoding. Memory encoding is defined as receiving, processing, as well as combining of received information, and this is evident in the scene in the train where Clementine greets Joel. The latter takes time to encode the information conveyed by the former prompting a repeat of the greetings. The concept of memory retrieval is associated with the second scene where Joel is in his house, and he remembers having met a woman who he firmly believes was his wife previously. Memory retrieval is a process of calling back information that is stored, and this is often seen as a response to some cue for use in an activity. In the second scene identified above, Joel retrieves information from his mind of how he saw his ex-wife with another man and that the wife does not know or remember him. Memory storage is also one of the memory concepts, and it is associated with the third scene identified above, where Joel has a permanent record of information about his wife, where they met, the good times they spent together as well as the final moments of break up. Moreover, the concept of memory loss is also evident in the film, particularly in the fourth scene identified above. The fourth scene is where Clementine does not remember her husband and does not even recognize him despite staying together for around two years. The point where Clementine does not remember any relationship between her and Joel and who Joel was highlights the concept of memory loss. It is similar to other scenarios where memory losses have brought disagreements among couples.