Sample Music Essays on Concerto/Aria Competition

Concerto/Aria Competition

Concerto/Aria Competition is regarded as being part and parcel of a musical course. This event is usually held on an annual basis for the musical students who showcase their prowess through an array of different sessions. In order for one to participate in the Aria competition, he/she must be doing a musical degree course within the University. The student must not have participated and won any prize in the previously held Aria competitions. The students should hone their musical skills by constantly practicing on their vocals, instrumental prowess which may include playing guitar, piano, flutes, strings and keyboards. A selection of judges from the musical department would play an integral role in analyzing and assessing each student’s performance thereby determining who would ultimately win the prize.

During this year’s Concerto/Aria Competition that was held on 26th March, I had the golden chance to witness the magical and amazing different performances from the students. There was a total of fifteen different sessions with over 50 performances from different students whose eyes were set on the top prize. I attended the event for a period of only an hour through which I was able to view some of the presented performances. In general, the performances were excellent as each and every student thrived to impress the judges. I specifically enjoyed and loved the performance on “Waft Her, Angels” which was done by Jephtha. Although I did not comprehend any word said, I was thrilled by the performance titled ‘Qual flamma avea nel guardo!’. I was more so fascinated by the voice and the vocals of the student. In addition to this, some of the performances that won included  Capriccio Brilliant that was performed by Wenqian Hu and Martha Krasnican who played the piano and the performance titled Villanelle for Horn and Piano that were specifically done by Nancy Bernal who played the horn and Martha Krasnkan who played the piano. I also loved the Spanish performance titled ‘Con onor muore…Tu? Tu? Piccolo Idio’ because of the vocals presented by Isis Carvalho and Martha Krasnican.

In essence, I got to learn more about diversity that exists amongst all of us. This is due to a myriad of performances that were presented by students who have different cultures and traditions. This was established by the fact that they speak different languages.  In conclusion, I loved each and every performance through which I also learned on how diversity can be our strength.