Sample Music Essays on God’s Plan by Drake

The song was trending on social media and there were funny memes about and so it struck my curiosity and I decided to watch it. I was impressed by the song’s title and at first, I thought that Drake had turned to Christianity and will be singing praise songs. Watching the video, I realized that there is more to it and as the title suggests, the plans that God has for us are only known to him and not any man. The song depicts grace, humanity, acts of charity, selflessness and love towards others. The song made me think about people who are treated with injustice and the inequity that we are made to believe that the people deserve it. We have become numb to the fact that poverty is not a condition of individuals but rather a systemic infrastructural injustice. We are made to believe that the system is broken but is that really the case. In my views, I believe not as I think that it is completely efficient and it is engineered in a way that keeps other people to be over-successful and others not.

The song made me wish that our leaders would see and learn from it and be able to create a society that embraces people and you do not have to come from a well-off family to secure a dignified job. Leaders should ensure that there are equal opportunities for every person in the society. The music, especially the video helped me realize there is still sparks of humanity left in us. Music is just more than the words as it can be healing on so many levels; emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. God’s Plan is one of the songs that do this for me. It helped me believe in the power of uniting people through helping them. I also believe that music can transform people. We do not need to have so much money like Drake to help others. Our acts that may seem so little may mean so much to the next person. Drake uses this particular music to show that love and dignity can be served with grace and honor.

The song is likely to be played in people’s houses, cars, and events at large. The song gives me joy and love as it teaches me that we are accountable for our own actions. It is evident that true happiness is within connecting with others around us which, can be fulfilling. Fulfillment should not be based on the amount of money that we have or material possession but instead should be based on the ability to make others feel worthy, loved and making them happy in the little ways that we can. God’s plan helps me appreciate those donations to children’s program and those in need as an effective way of using the money. I am hopeful that the music will instill good in people, from our leaders to the citizens. The video should inspire us to think beyond us and to reach to those in need.

Most religions teach that love can heal the world and this song is evidence to those teachings. It is love that we have for others that can propel us to help them and ensure that they are happy. It is love that helps people live in unity and harmony. The video aims to harness solidarity bound to humanity that knows no boundaries of social status or level of education.



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