Sample Music Essays on Music Journal: Classical Music

My favorite type of music is classical music. I like this type of music because of its originality and the artistry that was involved in composing it from thin air. When listening to this type of music that has existed for centuries, I think about the challenges that the composers faced in composing the music. There were no recording devices then, forcing the composers to record it on paper. To have people enjoy the music, it had to be performed from scratch by orchestras. The painstaking detail that was used in the composition of the tunes and the carefully placed notes serves as a source of inspiration for me. As a student, I tend to consider most types of music as distractions. However, this is not the case with classical music. I can do my studies with it in the background, and I find that I perform better when I do that. The classical piece that I enjoy most is Giuseppe Tartini’s “The Devil’s Trill Sonata.” The link to that piece is

My interest in classical music was influenced by a motivational book I was reading as a teenager. The book is “Think Big” by Ben Carson. I read about how the author was inspired to use classical music during his studies and how listening to it on the radio helped him to excel in quizzes. I searched online for the music, and a whole new world of music was revealed to me. There are many artists known for classical music including Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Vivaldi, Tartini and many others. The Tartini is the composer of my favorite piece, though he is not as popular as most of the others. The piece “The Devil’s Trill Sonata” is pure violin notes and is about 16 minutes longs. The changes in notes in this Sonata leaves one feeling as him he/she has listened to various pieces in quick succession. The notes are so colorful and touching that one can easily visualize them and the movements of the violin player as well.

The origin and inspiration of “The Devil’s Trill Sonata” is a controversial one. Tartini claimed that the devil visited him in his sleep. In the dream, he made a pact with the devil, and everything went well for him. He challenged the devil to play music by giving the devil a violin. The devil gave such a wonderful performance with the violin than Tartini got so mesmerized and wanted to hear it forever (Gómez par 2). Immediately after waking up, he tried to compose what he had heard the devil play. “The Devil’s Trill Sonata” came into being that way. This is the best piece that Tartini ever composed. Despite that, Tartini claimed that this piece is so inferior compared to the music he heard the devil play in that dream.

I prefer listening to this music when studying, sleeping, traveling and when resting. For me, this is music for all occasions. I appreciate the fact that no words are uttered in the majority of classical music pieces. It motivates me to read and put more effort into understanding abstract ideas. At the same time, it helps in relaxation when I feel overwhelmed, anxious or angry. I have had some of my friends make fun of me for listening to such old music. However, I have managed to influence some them to have an appreciation for classical music. Catching them listening to classical pieces gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I find this music intellectual, as only a genius could come up with such elegant combination of sounds and have the skill to save them on paper for future generations. The effect that the music has on my mind is spiritual, as influences my thoughts positively.



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