Sample Music Paper on Pop Music in the 21st Century

Sample Music Paper on Pop Music in the 21st Century

A simple internet search on the top 10 biggest or most listened and for a fact, a majority of the listed songs featured will be from the Pop music genre. Pop music has been famous since the 1950s when artists such as Elvis Presley and the Beatles revolutionized the rock genre from its initial foundations. Later through the years, artists such as Michael Jackson then shied the dynamics of pop music through dance and new tunes. Since the turn of the century a similar metaphase has been taking place and over the last decade, pop culture has had a modern touch that has been synonymous with the younger generation.  The current youth generation, has for a decade, been avid supporters of pop music making most of the pop artists famous and earning a substantial amount of money in the process in a short period. In any contestation about the current crop of pop music that has been hitting the chart headlines, it is hard to fail to mention a number of artists, in particular, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, and Adele. Throughout their short illustrious careers, these artists have been able to produce several top charting songs that have earned the super normal earning.  In a completive and ever changing music industry, it is significantly hard to present a song that not only tops a regional chart but global hit list. Nonetheless, ‘Sorry’ by Justin Bieber and in particular ‘Shape of you by Ed Sheeran have done exactly that a factor that this paper endeavors to discuss.

Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran

Edward Christopher Sheeran popularly known as Ed Sheeran has always been associated with soft rock songs that are relationship based example ‘thinking out loud’. The artist is currently represented by the Electra records label that was founded in 1950 but currently owned by Warner Music group. Nonetheless, in the beginning of 2017, the artist shifted his alliance to pop music with the ‘Shape of you’ song to date has left behind an undeniable legacy. Firstly, only a week after its release the song debuted at the top of music charts in a variety of countries in all continents, including the UK and the US (Trust, Secondly, it retained this spot for 12 consecutive weeks in the US, 14 weeks in the UK and in Australia; it remains as the longest-running Top hit of all time (Brandle, Thirdly, the song is the most streamed song ever in the UK and lastly, it is one of only three songs to have a billion views on both YouTube and Spotify (Trust, From the literature presented, it is evident that the song is highly popular; nonetheless, reports from Nielsen Music indicated that the song was the only one of its kind to sell at least two million copies which were approximately half a million copies from its nearest competitor. It is estimated that the total amount of earning from the popularity of the song that can only be associated with the “Divide” album sales, concerts, tours, YouTube earnings, Merchandise as well as endorsements are set at USD$84 million (Knox,

‘Sorry’ by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a singer and songwriter that for half a decade has been the ‘face’ of pop music. Over the years, Justin Bieber has released a variety of high profile top songs; however, ‘Sorry’ remains his most popular hit yet. The vibrant song was featured in the US billboard charts as a number one hit for seven nonconsecutive weeks, and before Ed Sheeran’s famous ‘Shape of You’ it had served as the longest serving top hit in the US and UK top hits (Afzal, The song also featured in the YouTube top ten most streamed songs as of the end of 2015. Nevertheless, the true popularity of ‘Sorry’ stems from the fact that to date it is the most covered song globally. It is estimated that through ‘Purpose’ album sales concerts, tours, YouTube earnings, Merchandise as well as endorsements are set at USD$40 million (Anderson,

In conclusion, as of the turn of the century, the Pop music has become the most popular and highest selling music genre globally, in the process a number of songs have found themselves topping a variety of charts around the world. However, Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of you’ and Justine bibber’s ‘Sorry’ have become been a standing benchmark on performance and earnings.


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