Sample Nursing Admission Essay on Statement of Intent

Since my childhood, I have always been fascinated by helping people, particularly the less fortunate in society. Relieving other individuals from their suffering brought immense joy and satisfaction in my life. Reminiscing on my personal and professional life, I believe that my childhood fascination with ameliorating human suffering is what informed my decision to be a nurse. As a young lady, I volunteered to help kids with Autism and development disorders through applied behavioral analysis (ABA). Four years of volunteering to help children suffering from divergent development disorders made me fall intrigued with nursing and particularly nursing psychology. In 2017 I made a huge step forward in my personal and professional life by graduating with Honors in Psychology from Lehman College. Two years later, I brought myself closer to my dream of alleviating worldly suffering by graduating with Honors in Nursing from Mercy College. To achieve my ambition of ameliorating global suffering through nursing care, I am seeking admission into the Master’s in Nursing (MSN) program.

My nursing practice informed my desire to study for a Master’s degree in Nursing. Immediately after my graduation as a nurse practitioner, I got posted as an intensive care unit (ICU) nurse. My posting as an ICU nurse exposed me to a wide range of practical nursing problems and thus enabled me to sharpen my skills and competencies. Moreover, my experience as an ICU nurse got tested by the novel COVID-19 pandemic that motivated me and pushed me towards attaining my goal of alleviating the suffering of populations in need. The COVID-19 epidemic and its disastrous aftermath sparked in me a burning desire to widen my nursing knowledge and competencies in order to have the ability to cater to a wide range of individuals in need of quality nursing care. I believe that completing an MSN program will widen my nursing knowledge and push me closer to my ultimate dream of alleviating global suffering.

Professionally, I am interested in widening my nursing knowledge, skills, and competencies. At this point in my career, I dream of making a name for myself as a leading nursing expert and practitioner in America. Therefore, my desire to study for a Master’s in nursing is congruent to my long-term professional goals of being a Doctor of nursing practice (DNP) and starting my private practice.

My burning desire to raise educational barriers in my family also sparked my interest in studying for a Master’s in nursing. No one in my family has ever graduated with a Master’s degree. Being the first to break that educational barrier will be an honor of immense satisfaction and pride for my entire family. Moreover, completing my Master’s will act as a benchmark for my younger siblings and thus motivate them to take their education seriously.

Several facets of my life will enable me to complete my Master’s studies. I am an ambitious individual with a strong desire to achieve both his personal and professional goals. Moreover, I am a critical thinker and a keen problem solver attributes which have been integral to my nursing education and practice. I have academic interests in pathophysiology and advanced health assessment, and I believe that the international MSN program will provide me with an opportunity to expand my knowledge in these areas.

Based on the above information, detailing my attributes, educational qualifications, and work experience, I pray that my application to partake in the MSN program be granted adequate consideration.