Sample Nursing Essays on A Clinical Experience

DQ1: Describe a Clinical Experience that was Troubling You.

Patients receive medication in the form of prescribed dosages. Prescription variations are determined by factors such as the severity of illness, patient’s age, and the effect of the drug. Failure to administer the medication to the patients properly can cause life-threatening health consequences on the patient’s body.

During my first instance of nursing patients in a clinical setting, I was involved in life-threatening medication errors. I administered medication in the wrong places or using the wrong medical equipment. Sometimes I administered medication quickly, slowly, excessively, or inadequately (Everynurse, 2019). The common causes of these medical errors were: lack of pharmacological knowledge, misinterpretation of common medical abbreviations, mistaking similar sounding drugs, difficulties in interpreting written communication, and poor communication between medical staff.

It is a good professional practice to avoid known errors while administering medication to patients. Wrong medication on patients could cause life-threatening health consequences. Therefore, medical practitioners need to prescribe, dispense, and administer medication correctly.

DQ2: Describe What Bothered You About the Experience and What You could have Done Differently Utilizing Critical Thinking.



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