Sample Nursing Essays on American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society helps patients suffering from cancer with up to date expert information, support, and preventive strategies. Patients can benefit through the organization by seeking for information that aims at saving lives and making a difference in their lives through community support programs and financial assistance. According to the American Cancer Society (2017), the organization relies on research and extensive studies from experts to disburse relevant information on how to live successfully with cancer in addition to treatment and preventive measures. According to the organization, the continued rise in cancer cases among Americas is attributed to change in diets, poor health measures, in addition to lack of information on cancer as a disease. According to the American Cancer Society (2017), over the years, Americans have changed their dietary in addition to poor health measures, a fact that has seen a continued rise in deformities among children due to cancerous cells in their bodies.

In order to change the above statistics, it is paramount to create awareness on some of the causes of cancer in addition to some of the triggering factors that cause cancer among the young. Currently, research and work on the anti-HER2 medicine seeks to find on how it works in resisting the development of cancer cells. The program, undertaken by Dr. Carlos Arteaga, aims to find the appropriate measures to treat and reduce the resistance of cancer cells to treatment. The research/program will have outstanding significance in future research and treatment of cancer in addition to lengthening the lives of patients suffering from cancer (American Cancer Society 2017). On the other hand, the research is expected to change the medication and some of the treatment cancer patients go through. Over the years, cancer patients have paid greater focus on drugs such as Aredia, Abraxane, Abirexate, and Anastrozole. The research is bound the change the administration of these drugs as health facilities focus on finding the appropriate medication for cancer for instance in the treatment of breast cancer.




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