Sample Nursing Essays on Applying Nursing Theory

Applying Nursing Theory


Family nursing has always been identified as an initial stage of development. Scholars have faced numerous challenges while trying to translate the nursing conceptual framework into something that can be applied easily in the family practice arena. However, utilization of abstract ideas and conversion of such ideas into tangible descriptions is essential in nursing theory. This paper aims to describe a client system, commonly referred to as Neuman systems model (Memmott, Marett, Bott, & Duke, 2017). Based on the scenario provided, the paper will identify the five variables inherent in the Neuman’s model and a rationale will be drawn from the application.

The Family System

According to the family system theory, a family is an emotional unit. The members of a family are usually interconnected together emotionally. Families can affect the actions, feelings, and thoughts of the members. Member tends to seek each other’s support, attention, and approval. Besides, they also tend to react to expectations, needs and upsets of the other members. The inherent reactivity and connectedness usually render the members of the family as interdependent. The family can be recognized as a system because it has subsystems, patterns, boundaries, composition law, messages, and rules.

The Impact of the Anglo Culture

The family arena acts a platform on which an individual expresses his or her culture freely. However, the issue of acculturation and assimilation may affect the family system directly or indirectly. In the case study provided, it can be identified that the dominant Anglo culture has a significant impact on the family’s stability as a system. Having moved to an Anglo-America geographical location where English is the main language spoken by the locals, Martina’s family is experiencing major challenges. Martina’s daughter speaks only very broken English, and this acts a communication problem. She lives in a small apartment with her daughter and four preschool children. The living conditions coupled with a language barrier sets a fertile ground for emotional disintegration. The Anglo culture the family is living has an intense impact on it, and it might lead to lack of emotional stability, diminished expectations from the other family members and suppressed thoughts.


The following are the stressors that threaten the family stability; extra personal (finance or job pressure), environmental factors, and intra (feeling, emotion). Such stressors always can disrupt the stability.

Additional Assessment

Martina’s Medical Diagnoses

To ascertain the actual medical diagnoses of Martina, the following additional assessment data is essential.  Besides the already known medical diagnosis, it is essential to know the medical history of Martina. The history will entail initial medicals and tests.

Family Health Status

The additional assessment data needed for the family’s health status include health insurance, income level, and biopsychosocial.

Cultural Differences

The increased in cultural differences has over the years led to the development of different challenges that have adversely affected any methods that can help in planning for prevention in the various health levels including primary secondary and tertiary. For instance, people are resistant to some of the change initiated and prefer using traditional methods in dealing with distinct health complications.  Additionally, cultural differences will limit the participation of people in community-based initiatives that seek to improve healthcare methods used in the society

Discussion Questions

Question: What roles do caregivers play in reducing the effects of cultural differences in the planning and prevention of the different levels of healthcare?

Answer: In most instances, health professionals have used training and nursing education in increasing the awareness of cultural differences. Although nursing education has been slow in responding to these changes, it plays an important role in enhancing implementation of methods that can help in the prevention of various complications. Moreover, it is the obligation of nursing education in conjunction with the environmental settings to shape and respond to such changes in the society (McEwen and Wills, 2017). Furthermore, the new trends emphasized by the new curricular in nursing education concentrates on population diversity, health promotion and evidence-based practice which are equally important in understanding cultural differences.

Question: Which methods can be used to educate health professionals on the importance of increasing patient cultural understanding?

Answer: Over the years use of logic methods in enhancing nursing education has been utilized by different health institutions. However, with the digital advancement, various technology-based methods such as the internet and video conferencing have been applied (McEwen and Wills, 2017). However, these methods cannot be used in other populations as they are reluctant in using such methods.




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