Sample Nursing Essays on Atherosclerosis in Patients

Atherosclerosis comes as a result of plague build up in blood arteries. This causes a thick hardened blood vessel that does not allow for blood flow which results in complications. The plague is made up of fatty lipids and cholesterols which hardens over time due to lack of blood flow. This paper analyses the condition in patient K and his risk factors.

Atherosclerosis develops over a period of 10-15 years (Fucci, 2014) this means patient K has been developing the condition over time before he can experience this symptoms. Patient K is experiencing peripheral arterial disease on his legs (US department of health and human services, 2009) because of the many predisposing factors he has, such as being overweight and 57 years old which puts him at high risk.Patient K is a smoker and has high levels of cholesterol and lipids, all these factors increases his risk of developing atherosclerosis. He is likely to experience these complications due to his high risk factors.

  • Continued pain in the legs and feet as a result of blocked blood vessels.
  • Experiencing difficulties while walking due to reduced blood flow in the legs
  • Ruptured arteries from excessive plague.
  • Dead arteries from prolonged hardening as a result of lack of blood circulation.

It is possible for Patient K to slow down the advancement of atherosclerosis, this can be achieved through quitting smoking and engaging in physical activities like Walking and also observing a healthy diet. Patient K should also seek medical attention for prescriptions that will help lower the cholesterol levels which will help slow down atherosclerosis.

For treatment, reducing cholesterol and lipids levels to prevent build-up of the plague will help him. In case of a rapid growth of the plague, a surgery to remove them will be conducted (US department of health and human services, 2009).


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