Sample Nursing Essays on Behavior Therapy

Behavioral observations

Michelle exhibits an array of reactions based on the level of stress and frustration she is exposed to. She is predisposed to exhibiting Irrational behavior especially when she feels ignored at the workplace. To get attention she is inclined to resort to ridiculous machinations including sabotage etcetera.

She also demonstrates covert behavior inclined towards deliberate sabotage of her colleagues at the workplace. Conceptualization of the notion to frustrate her colleagues so as to gain favor or promotion exposes her as a highly motivated cutthroat competitor at the workplace.

Voluntary behavior: upon realization of the detrimental impact her tantrum-motivated actions would have, she resorts to ideal practices to achieve her promotion.

What skills were predominantly used in this session?

Attending: the counselor was present during the session both physically and psychologically. Effective attendance makes the patient believe that both share in a world, experiences as well as inclinations. Lazarus notes the effect of the presence of the counselor on the patient. He indicates that patients are more likely to open up during face-to-face sessions compared to those on media interphases (Lazarus, 2002).

Listening: listening helps the counselor to gain a better understanding of the root cause of the patient’s quagmire. An understanding of the origins of the client’s predicament informs the steps and or actions to be interrogated during remedy formulation.

Probing questions: these were asked by the counselor to get the patient to open up her inner inclinations. Goldfield however notes that the probing questions should be limited in scope. Too many questions might intimidate the patient into lies and or unrealistic responses (Goldfried & Davidson, 1994)

Were these appropriate to the timing and issues being discussed?

Questions were appropriately used to get the client to open up her inner feelings, desires and aspirations. They were also used to make the client understand the gravity of her meditated actions against what she believed were impediments towards realizing of her full potential

Reaction to session

I tend to believe that Todd Grande is a seasoned counselor. The approach taken towards Michelle is quite professional. By beginning with the known, recap of their previous session, and progressively transitioning to the problems bedeviling Michelle to helping her find a solution epitomizes professionalism. The counselor is keen on establishing Michelle’s inclination towards various aspects of her life including at the work place. Maria, I have established is quite impulsive, and has an appetite for recognition, but needs proper guidance for her to realize her full potential. She tends towards negating convention that could be detrimental to her and those around her. However with proper guidance she regains her composure and develops futuristic and sustainable means to her objectives.


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