Sample Nursing Essays on Conflict in the workplace

Conflict in the workplace

Conflict in the workplace is a common problem that is being experienced on a daily basis. The main reasons conflicts arise is because people have different interests and personalities. However, in order to have a peaceful working environment that would promote growth, it is important for the parties at conflict to come up with a reasonable solution. They may decide to involve another party to help in resolving the conflict with the main intention of finding a common ground for operating in the workplace. It is evident from the case study that Sally Jones who is the Chief Nursing Officer and Bob Black, the assistant hospital administrator are in conflict with each other. The conflict in this case is brought about by a difference in interests. The conflict in this case can only be resolved by either each party involved collaborating or compromising their situation.

The proposal made by Bob is dangerous for the organization at large. First, hiring an additional clerk to the organization to conduct the personnel work will involve inquiring more costs in the company. The clerk will demand payment for the job which he/she will do meaning that Sally will have to dig deeper in the company finances to conduct the payment. At the same time, the strategy will bring about confusion between the two departments involved. The possibility that Bob’s choice of references will not meet the company’s demands is high which places the company at a risk. It is because he is new in the company and not well conversant with the ways in which nursing had been conducting its recruiting, selection and interviewing. In case a disagreement arises, it means that there will be more conflicts in the organization which will end up affecting the performance of the company. At the same time, if Bob is given the chance to conduct the initial screening, it means that Sally will be accepting delegation of duty giving more power to Bob in the company.

The political strategy that Sally could implement in the upcoming meeting is negotiation. It is the best approach which will give her a chance to share her worries with the committee members involved in solving the dispute. It is the best strategy because Bob and Sally are relatively having equal powers in the organization thus there is no need for mediation process to take place. On the other hand, the conflict is still at a low intensity meaning that through negotiation, these two parties can come to an agreement that will best benefit the company.  The business will be able to grow and perform best only if successful negotiation occurs. It is important that these two leaders resolve their difference to have a long-term relationship that will benefit the entire company and not personal interests.

It will be possible to come up with a win-win solution in this particular conflict if the negotiation process becomes successful. In this case, individual perceptions and understanding on the issue plays a crucial role in obtaining a win-win solution. One issue that may arise from the meeting is who is more powerful than the other and if this happens, the possibility of finding a win-win solution will not be possible. It seems that Bob wants to acquire more power in the organization by performing more roles than just being an assistant administrator. However, in case a win-win solution is not found, Sally can will in this case because she is the company CEO. It means that she has higher authority than Bob in regards to making major decisions in the company such as delegation of duty which might affect the company’s finances.  In summary, the approach that is being used to resolve a conflict is important to find a lasting solution. However, if the parties involved do not agree there is a possibility of more conflict arising. In order to achieve a win-win solution, one party has to agree to compromise or collaborate with the other individual regardless of their position in the company.