Sample Nursing Essays on Disaster Preparedness

Comment on the Blog

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention blog (2019) titled “The Readiest Time of the Yearprovides an exciting combination of the nation’s most vulnerable month. I am intrigued by the preparedness strategies offered to promote personal health in the event of havoc. As such, the negative consequences of large-scale events such as those caused by hurricanes have been adequately addressed. However, as a nurse, I am concerned that there are some areas which ought to be given special attention.  In the event of a disaster, victims are at a threat of compromising with their health. The victims are at risk because the disaster management organizations advocate for self-help without providing adequate education on life-saving skills. Essentially, areas prone to disasters should hire qualified personnel to provide on-time education and ensure preparedness in case of the worst scenario. The training is necessary as the online toolkit may not be efficient if people are not aware that there is such information available for reference. Also, the federal government should ensure that proper policies on medications refill are implemented to avoid distress during emergencies.

Reason for Choosing the Blog

I chose this blog because I am convinced that as a nurse, I can use its information to empower society and take an active role in medical preparedness and response to emergencies. I can use the information provided on the blog to equip the public with knowledge and enhance the wellbeing and health of those who are prone to disaster scenes. Additionally, I can use the information to campaign for effective policies that pertain medications refill.





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