Sample Nursing Essays on Dying with Dignity Bill

The controversial bill “Dying with Dignity” was introduced in the Quebec National Assembly. It allowed the residents freedom to call for medical assistance to die. The passing of the bill would make end-of-life protection more comfortable for the citizens.

Senator Nightingale has been working for a public interest group. Being his legal advisor, I would recommend the amendment of the bill to concur with the interest of the public. More so, the bill should clarify the fact that the act to end life in dignity did not qualify it to be assisted suicide. Having satisfied this, the passing of the bill would gain massive support to the Canadian citizens.

The bill proposed the performance of assisted suicide by doctors, which is illegal according to the criminal code (Chochinov, 2006). The public doubts the ability of the doctors to follow the law without bending the rules. I would advise the Senator to recommend the fixing of strict ways of dealing with defiant doctors. More so, the bill should clarify the fact that the act to end life in dignity did not qualify it to be assisted suicide.

According to Dr. Boulanger, the Canadian bill was similar to the euthanasia law in Belgium. Many of the Belgium citizens deprived of life under this legislation had not given consent for that (Gunning & Holm, 2007). Basing my argument on the Belgium law, I would suggest to Senator Nightingale to advocate for changes on the bill. This would prevent any way for doctors to assist suicide without the patient’s request.

Most of the Canadians were not ready to die and wished to live longer. One of the Canadian doctors, Paul Saba declined the bill citing that it was professionally wrong to commit assisted suicide. According to the public interest, the Senator who represents the public should ensure incorporation of the diseases, which should be accorded such resolution (Hillyard & Dombrink, 2001).

The bill of Dying with Dignity is necessary only if, critical amendments are made. It is my pleasure to have given critical recommendations to the representative of the public interests (Hof, 2002). If the necessary changes were made to the bill, it would be more acceptable by the public than the Belgium law.



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