Sample Nursing Essays on Family Therapy

What Step I Would Take and What Techniques I would Use to Develop Therapeutic Alliance?

The nurse-client relationship is the foundation on which psychiatric nursing is established. A therapeutic interpersonal relationship is a process whereby a psychiatric nurse provides care to clients in need of psychological intervention. To deliver care to clients who need psychosocial instruction, psychiatric nurses should first build trust with the patients to gather information (Leahy, 2008). In this case, to help Marco, I would first build a strong relationship with him by being around the client all the time. Through this, I would share with him stories to make him feel loved once. Evidently, from the case study, nobody is ever around Marco hence he does not feel loved. After establishing a strong relationship with the client, I would ask Marco what makes him exclude himself from others. To gather relevant information from him, I would use various therapeutic techniques such as active listening, using questions, and asking for clarification on various issues. I would not include Juan and Elisa in the assessment process since Marco’s problem does not affect them anyway. Even if it does, the impact may be insignificant.

How I Would Explain the Purpose of Genogram to Marco and Maria?

A genogram is a popular tool that psychiatric nurses in family therapeutic sessions. Genograms provide psychiatric nurses with information related to a client’s past and present aspects that impacts the patient’s situation (DeMaria, Weeks, & Twist, 2017). If I were to develop a genogram in this case, I would tell Marco and Maria that the purpose of the therapy tool is to provide detailed information about the interpersonal relationship within their family. I would also tell them that the genogram would take into account the current and past aspects that impact Marco’s situation.

What Information Would the Genogram Provide?

The genogram would provide me with information on what prompted Marco’s mother to kill her husbandand how it has affected the client psychologically. The tool would also provide me with information on how Marco is being influenced by the situation that he is not being taken good care of like Juan and Elisa. The information would help me formulate interventions and strategies that Maria would use to ensure Marco feels loved.


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