Sample Nursing Essays on Healthcare Policy

The debate over whether healthcare should be a right has been going on in the United States for the last few decades. Although opponents of the debate hold various reasons, this study supports the inclusion of healthcare services as a fundamental human right that all people should be entitled to irrespective of their income or ethnic backgrounds in the U.S. Healthcare is not a consumer good or privilege that applies only to those who would like to purchase it. All people will access high-quality healthcare services if the government makes healthcare a right.

Socioeconomic determinants show that people do not have similar abilities to access healthcare. As per the theories of social justice, existing health disparities in the country emanate from racial, class, ethnicity, and gender factors. For example, the Rawlsian Liberalism theory states that medical care is a primary good that is essential in a just society. The justice theory also argues that every person in the society has a duty to moral justice (Almgren, 2018). Hence, making healthcare a right will enable citizens to access this moral justice. Currently, while healthcare is a right for some people who have a high purchase power, the minority groups cannot afford it and see it like a privilege. The necessity of good healthcare requires all people to access it (is healthcare a right, 2018). Therefore, making healthcare a right to all people can play a significant role in addressing the current health disparities such as a high mortality rate among the minority groups in the country.

Implementing a law to ensure healthcare is a human right will enable many people in the country to gain health insurance coverage. According to Lynch and Gollust (2010), most Americans believe that inequalities related to healthcare quality and accesses are more vital compared to unequal health outcomes. As a result, this belief influences their views on government policies about the provision of health insurance. Making healthcare a right will enable the government to direct its reforms to allow all citizens to have compulsory insurance health coverage. Many Americans do not afford adequate healthcare services because of their low economic status nowadays.



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