Sample Nursing Essays on Nurse Influence

Nurses work closely with both doctors and patients for the benefit of the patient. Their duty to the patient crucial since without them, it would be difficult for the patients to access the care they need to recover. The crucial roles and duties of these professionals enable them to impact service delivery in health care. I believe that it is important to influence philanthropy and lifelong learning because both nurses and patients benefit from the two.

Philanthropy is an act taken by an individual or organization for the betterment of the community. Nurses have knowledge and skills that they can use to better their communities or even areas where healthcare is difficult to access (Catrambone, 2017). It is important for these professionals to volunteer in such areas to improve health outcomes of the people. I strive to back to the society, especially to the less fortunate people. One of the reasons I became a nurse is to help the elderly, women, and children from less fortunate backgrounds. I have a busy schedule at the hospital, however, on my free days, I ensure that I have attended to three people in my community who cannot afford medical care. Many of the people I help are the elderly who need help refilling their prescriptions as well as occasional checkups. In the future, alongside working in a hospital, I intend to work with an NGO so that I can offer free health services to those that cannot afford to attend hospitals or hire private nurses to attend to them. Voluntary services not only help the recipients but also those giving the services since it fulfils the givers.

Nurses can also influence through lifelong learning. Pursuing education and knowledge helps nurses increase their understanding of how to handle their patients and any healthcare situation they might face in and out of work. Moreover, knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the health care sector helps nurses fight for policies which will improve the healthcare system (Saylor & Graber, 2016). I plan to enroll for a Masters program once I finish my undergraduate studies and secure a job. I hope that by the end of the program I will have attained knowledge on how to be better in my nursing career and an understanding of the policies that need to be implemented to ensure that patients have the best possible outcomes. Additionally, knowledge will help to great excellent proposals for improving healthcare which can be sent out to various advocacy groups for implementation. In many cases, patients do not have access to the care they need since they cannot afford to pay for it, continuous attainment of knowledge will expand my ability to give solutions to such problems. Besides, I want my children and their children to learn the value of education.

Nurses are important in the health care system since they offer the much-needed care to patients. They are also the link between patients and their doctors. Nurses can exert influence through lifelong learning and philanthropy. Philanthropic activities help to raise the living standards and expectations of the recipients while those giving care attain fulfillment. I hope to help the needy members of my community to access healthcare and at the same time, gain fulfilment from improving their health. Lifelong learning equips nurses with knowledge about the health care system, which they can use to develop policies and help others commit to lifelong learning.



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