Sample Nursing Essays on Nursing Practitioners

Nursing Practitioners

Primary Care Nurse Practitioners are professionals trained in one or more special areas under broad categories of population focus. These professionals deal with health care of adults, family, pediatrics, mental health and gender. On the other hand, Acute Care Nurse practitioners are professionals trained to deal with the ever-increasing health-care demand of critically ill patients, unstable individuals and those with complex chronic conditions. However, studies reveal that despite the two categories having clearly defined roles, most of primary care NPs and acute care NPs scopes of practice areas may overlap (Vanduren, 2014).  Nevertheless, both practitioners are required to work together so as to attain optimum patient healthcare and treatment outcomes.

Based on their scope of practice, it is important to understand that Acute Care Practitioners are majorly involved in restoring care by actively changing clinical conditions for their patients. On the contrary, Primary Care Practitioners are actively involved providing comprehensive and continuous care to their patients while creating and nurturing long term relationships with their patients and primary care. Despite educational preparations being different, a primary care nurse trained on population focus care may not provide help to a patient experiencing rapid mental condition; however, they may need to deal with a patient moving from one hemodynamic state to another.

It is important to know the difference so that an individual may ascertain which roles he or she is able to perform that is consistent with training, practice and experience. For example, it is important to understand and ascertain which population an individual was trained to handle effectively. Furthermore, knowing the difference is critical for a nurse to define how educational training undergone can be useful in nursing practice. It will also help in defining accountability and liability for activities one is likely to be involved in.



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