Sample Nursing Essays on Obesity


This is a global problem, and specifically in United States, statistics have indicated that 36.5 percent of population is obese. In my view, obesity is caused largely by poor eating habits and lifestyle devoid of physical exercise. Moreover, America has seen rapid development and innovation that has seen advancement in electronic media devices and platforms. People accustom themselves to watching more television and using computers to an extent of forgetting that physical exercise is important in body development. Rampell (2010) opine that American population is less motivated to engage in constructive physical exercise thereby increasing prevalence rate.

Surge in obesity in the last decade is primarily blamed on too much eating with little physical activity. Data from Department of Agriculture show that American population consumes more food than they used to eat in the last 3 decades. Initially, people used to consume healthy foods consisting of fruits and vegetables; however, today most adults and children are consuming unhealthy junk foods with too many fats. Consequently, sedentary lifestyle has accounted for more obesity cases because internet, video games and smart phones arrived late to increase cases 3 decades ago. Furthermore, most adults have sedentary jobs and therefore drive to work. Medical professionals opine that changes in transportation to work where people drive to work instead of walking has contributed to increased rates because people do not spend excess energy (NHS Choices, 2016).

To effectively reverse the obesity menace, social and community workers should aim at supporting healthy eating habits and lifestyle. Several programs are coined to help save society from obesity. These programs include setting up and improving Early Care and Education settings that educate children on what they should consume and physical activities to engage in, this may help develop platforms for healthy living. Moreover, several policies and programs such as providing incentives for supermarkets to stock more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Studies have opined that policies and programs help in establishing healthy food environments for the population of adults and children (Balentine, 2015). Lastly, community and health workers can help society by instituting physical activity strategies such as enhance physical education, media campaigns and opening places where people are active. A friend coping with weight issues is advised to engage in healthy physical activities and good balance diet composed of fruits and vegetables. Moreover, such an individual should avoid stress and depression.



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