Sample Nursing Essays on Paleo Diet

Globally, many people are highly cautious on the types of food they consume. Due to emergence of chronic diseases like diabetes, stroke, cancer, as well as heart diseases, most people observe healthy diet to prevent occurrence of these diseases. However, in some cases, one may observe a healthy diet with the aim of losing weight, or gaining more energy. Paleo diet is one of the healthy diets observed by several people aiming at losing weight, gaining more energy, boosting appetite, in addition to prevention of diabetes or reduction of medication used by some diabetic patients.

Description of Paleo Diet.

According to Paleo Diet is a dietary plan that is based on natural foods including lean meat, vegetables, fish, fruits and nuts. Foods that require high processing like dairy products, grains and legumes are avoided in this dietary plan. Basically, the Paleo Diet entails the intake of lower amounts of carbohydrates and sugars. Consequently, the intake of low carbohydrates leads to weight loss due to reduction of body fats. For instance, a research conducted in 2014 indicates that healthy women who were following a Paleo Diet attained greater weight loss as compared to those observing a typical low-fat diet (           Additionally, low intake of carbohydrates leads to low production of insulin, which improves its effectiveness in the body. Therefore, the effectiveness of insulin prevents insulin resistance, which is a driving force of type 2 diabetes. Mayo Clinic Staff argues that Paleo Diet can equally control blood pressure, lower triglycerides, improve glucose tolerance, as well as improving appetite management.


Q1. Are you diabetic? Q2. Do you intend to lose weight? Q3. Are you aiming at improving your appetite? Q4. Do you want to gain more energy? Q5. Are you currently on any medication?  If you are not on any medication, you should then follow the Paleo Diet in order to lose weight, boost appetite, gain more energy, and reduce the amount of medication needed for type 2 diabetes. Your diet should comprise of lean meat, vegetables, fruits, fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, nuts as well as seeds. You must avoid highly processed foods like dairy products, grains, and legumes.

Paleo Diet has a wide range of benefits including weight loss, decrease in insulin production, more energy, better appetite management, in addition to controlling blood pressure. The dietary includes natural foods only.


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