Sample Nursing Essays on The Giver by Lois Lowry

Reasons Jonas was appropriate to be the Giver

Jonas was selected to be the Receiver and later on he will be appointed as the Giver. There are several reasons why the Elders decided to choose Jonas for the job. First, he is a well-behaved citizen and at the same time, a good student. However, what differentiate him from everyone else are his pale eyes which are different from the rest of the community members who have dark eyes. At the same time, he has the ability to perceive things which is considered as unusual powers (Lowry 210). He also has the power to transform the nature of objects when he looks at them. His ability to perceive different flashes of colors makes him unique among everyone else thus the reason he was selected for the position of a Giver.

Roles of the Giver

The Givers role was to act like a protector of the community by preventing the people from making similar mistakes like they did in the past. Jonas had the ability to foresee everything that had happened in the past whether they were good or bad. He also has the power to transmit the bad memories to sooth someone who was suffering from pain of their past. For instance, he managed to help the child who was suffering from the past memories by soothing him to sleep every night. It means that Jonas role as a Giver was to provide peace and eliminate pain from people.

Jonas the right choice

The Elders made the right choice when they gave Jonas the role of the Receiver. It is because he was not only a peaceful person, but also had special powers that made him distinct from everyone else in the community. The Chief Elder stated that “we failed in our last selection (Lowry 450).” It means that the Elders were optimistic about their new choice of the Giver who was able to bring about comfort in the community.


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