Sample Nursing Essays on The Theory of Integral Nursing

The Theory of integral nursing is an all-inclusive sense of nursing which not only informs but also creates awareness in the nursing practice. The center point of this theory is healing. This paper is a critic of the article “Exploring the Theory of Integral Nursing with Implications for Pain Management Practice” by Susanne M. Tracy and Pamela P. Di Napoli.

The authors suggest that one disadvantage of the Theory in clinical practice is that it has very little work done on it. As such, it is difficult to apply the theory’s theoretical concepts because of the inadequacy of knowledge. Therefore, nurses are not able to develop the pain management practice. The benefit of the theory however, is that it supports a holistic nursing practice meaning that the theory is designed to address the needs and well-being of both nurses and patients and the entire healthcare system (Smith & Parker, 2015).

The strength of the article is that it has expounded quite well on the holistic caring process. As per the authors, the theory of integral nursing is essential as it enables the nurse to collect enough objective data. The data collected is all-inclusive because it involves physical, emotional and spiritual condition of the client. The weakness of the article is that it has relied so much on the Dossey’s work on the theory and as such, the work is not entirely original.

With regards to MSN essentials, ‘Inter-professional Collaboration for Improving Patient and Population Health Outcomes’ is closely related to the application of the theory in clinical practice. The theory is all inclusive such that collaborative effort is required. In light of that collaboration, patient and health outcomes are advanced (Smith & Parker, 2015). The second MSN essential which is ‘Quality Improvement and Safety’ relates to the application of the theory in clinical practice in the sense that every status of the client, that is physical, emotional and spiritual is put into consideration.

To conclude, application of the Theory in clinical practice ensures effective human care. The client receives not only physical care but emotional care as well. Regardless of the fact that the theory is still progressing, positive health outcomes are guaranteed because the quality of medical service offered in clinical practice is improved.




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