Sample Nursing Essays on Using the Media

Using the Media

Social media has become a key component of humans’ daily life. People can no longer complete a day without viewing, posting, or commenting on various issues on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and organizational websites. Organizations, including healthcare organizations, have capitalized on social media to reach a significant number of people instantly. The platforms have also been vital when it comes to influencing public opinion relative to specific health policy priorities.

An advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is that they allow an instant connection, communication, and collaboration among users who engage in active conversations. Healthcare organizations can post their policies on social media highlighting their strengths and why they are appropriate for potential clients (Ventola, 2014). In this case, a positive is that a large audience can be reached relatively quickly and their opinions about a specific policy can be swayed easily. There is also the aspect of social reinforcement that comes with the use of social media (Hestres, 2017). Many people are often influenced by their friends or peers. Thus, by posting about its policy on social media, users can influence one another on whether they are to adopt or oppose a particular policy (Bou-Karroum et al., 2017). The decision by Facebook sometime back to allow users to post their organ donor status on their profiles influenced many users who gained interest in donating their body organs. Organ-donor agencies registered a significant increase in the number of donor pledges following Facebook’s decision underlining how social media can influence public opinion.

One of the concerns that should be considered by health care organizations in their use of social media is the level of professionalism maintained in the platforms. Also, organizations must consider patient confidentiality in their interaction with patients on social media platforms. Many healthcare organizations have been involved in legal suits with patients for failing to uphold patient confidentiality on social media platforms.




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