Sample Nursing Essays on Value of IOM Reports for an APN

Value of IOM Reports for an APN

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is an independent, not-for profit organization operating outside of the government to offer authoritative and unbiased advice on health and medicine to the public and policy-makers. It conducts studies regularly with the objective of providing objective assessments and practical solutions for diverse issues of health and medicine. Each year, the Institute releases reports on its findings and recommendations following an extensive process of peer review by experts (NAS, 2019). The outcome of this stringent process is that the reports that the institute releases are sound and trustworthy, featuring objective advice founded on evidence.

The reports that IOM has released between 2010 and 2016 shall be resourceful in my role as an Advanced Practice Nurse. My roles as an APN include those of an educator, guide, leader, teacher/coach, manager, and motivator in a healthcare environment. APNs have the mandate to contribute to policy-making and decision-making in these roles and to engage with other stakeholders, including the government and healthcare authorities, in an effort to influence policies and models of care and improve patient outcomes and the effectiveness of care delivered to patients (Link, 2009). In the context of this mandate, I shall utilize the IOM reports as a resourceful guide and source of insight for my engagements with these stakeholders with the objective of improving the quality and effectiveness of delivered care. This is particularly in terms of the six dimensions of quality that the IOM identifies as essential in its reports: safety, timeliness, effectiveness, efficiency, equitability, and patient-centeredness (Nelson et al., 2011). I shall utilize the reports to support my skills, knowledge, experience, and observations to lead change in healthcare environments. In particular, I plan to focus on ways to make care affordable, accessible, patient-centered, and of a high quality. The IOM reports shall serve as a guiding light on my efforts to promote these aspects in the healthcare environment.



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