Sample Nursing Paper on Anxiety Disorder

Mental health is one of the most significant healthcare areas in contemporary society. Given the complexity of the human brain, some of its functions are still subject to research and development as scientists and psychiatrists work hand in hand to understand brain function and develop interventions to solve the rising mental health issues. Anxiety disorders are common psychological issues, and understanding their dynamics is crucial to maintaining good mental health.

Anxiety disorders are a group of mental illness that cause distress on a patient, which adversely affects their usual thinking and behavior. According to Bandelow & Michaelis (2015), anxiety disorders are the most common mental health issues, and one-third of the total population experience an anxiety disorder at least once in their lifetime. A common anxiety disorder is panic disorder. Individuals with the disorder are unable to deal with risky situations. Another common anxiety disorder is phobias. The condition is where an individual has overwhelming fear against particular stimuli such as heights or dark places. Social anxiety disorder is also common in contemporary society where an individual is extremely worried and conscious of social situations. It is characterized by shyness and low social activity. Finally, an individual may be subject to general anxiety disorder where an individual is unrealistically worried about different scenarios around their activities of daily life (All About Anxiety Disorders: From Causes to Treatment and Prevention, 2017). Anxiety disorders affect growth and development, learning, and communication of an individual. The disorders are caused by different environmental stimuli and are treatable through psychotherapy and medication.


Anxiety disorders are a major health issue in modern society. They affect people of different age and gender and have a significant effect on normal behavior. Understanding anxiety disorders is important in studying the mental health of an individuals and establishing the right environments to facilitate better learning, work, and other activities of daily life.




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