Sample Nursing Paper on Apology Letter to a Patient

An apology letter to a patient for a mistake is written by a medical practitioner to apologize for any mistake made against the patient (Mazor 23). Helmchen further states that the error can be anything connected to the patient’s health and the letter usually states the reasons for the apology. It furthermore assures the patient that the mistake would not be repeated (Helmchen 114).

Nurse In-charge

[Full Name]

8th March 8, 2019


The RN

[Full Name]


Dear Sir/Madam,


I, the nurse in-charge at pediatrics department, am writing this letter to request you as the RN to apologize on my behalf to a patient for the long wait she endured during her last visit to our offices.

I fathom that she arrived 15 minutes early for her 9:00 am appointment and waited for three hours earlier than I could see her. I’m sincerely sorry. It is unacceptable for us to have her wait so long. I realize I let her down and that her time is treasured. I can only envision how my running behind schedule turned into disruptive to her plans and totally appreciate the inconvenience this ought to have caused her.

A chain of sudden situations arose that morning, which brought up a series of activities that should have been handled much better. The accumulation of these events, some of which were mismanaged along with mistakes made on our part, ended with me being three hours behind that day.

I promise you that this will by no means happen again and have taken the essential measures to guarantee that it does not. I have appraised all of my inner procedures to ensure that incase similar circumstances arise; I will never allow a patient wait for that long again.

Kindly, on my behalf, apologize to the patient and her family for letting her down. I deeply regret the whole incident.

If there is anything else that I can do for her to recoup her faith in me, kindly let me know.


[Full Name and Signature]


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