Sample Nursing Paper on Clinical Prevention and Population Health for Improving Health

The MSN Comprehensive Exam is based upon your practicum/capstone project. Make certain to include an introductory paragraph describing the Comprehensive Exam’s topic and purpose (Capstone project), and a conclusion paragraph summarizing the intention of the essay and how you met the purpose of the essay. You need to use level headings for the Introduction, each of the Essentials listed, and for the conclusion, as well as listed References of five (5) scholarly sources to support your perspective, and those may only be your textbooks from your program. Explain how your capstone project accomplished and incorporated all of the following Essentials listed below?
1. Background for Practice from Sciences and Humanities
Recognizes that the master’s-prepared nurse integrates scientific findings
from nursing, bio-psychosocial fields, genetics, public health, quality
improvement, and organizational sciences for the continual improvement.
2. Organizational and Systems Leadership
Recognizes that organizational and systems leadership are critical to the
promotion of high quality and safe patient care. Leadership skills are
needed that emphasize ethical and critical decision making, effective
working relationships, and a systems-perspective.
3. Quality Improvement and Safety
Recognizes that a master’s-prepared nurse must be articulate in the
methods, tools, performance measures, and standards related to quality, as
well as prepared to apply quality principles within an organization.
4. Translating and Integrating Scholarship into Practice
Recognizes that the master’s-prepared nurse applies research outcomes
within the practice setting, resolves practice problems, works as a change
agent, and disseminates results.
5. Informatics and Healthcare Technologies
Recognizes that the master’s-prepared nurse uses patient-care technologies
to deliver and enhance care and uses communication technologies to
integrate and coordinate care.
6. Health Policy and Advocacy
Recognizes that the master’s-prepared nurse is able to intervene at the
system level through the policy development process and to employ
advocacy strategies to influence health and health care.
7. Inter-professional Collaboration for Improving Patient and Population Health Outcomes
Recognizes that the master’s-prepared nurse, as a member and leader of
inter-professional teams, communicates, collaborates, and consults with
other health professionals to manage and coordinate care.
8. Clinical Prevention and Population Health for Improving Health
Recognizes that the master’s-prepared nurse applies and integrates broad,
organizational, client-centered, and culturally appropriate concepts in the
planning, delivery, management, and evaluation of evidence-based clinical
prevention and population care and services to individuals, families, and
aggregates/identified populations.
9 Master’s-Level Nursing Practice
Recognizes that nursing practice, at the master’s level, is broadly defined
as any form of nursing intervention that influences healthcare outcomes
for individuals, populations, or systems.
• You MUST use textbooks to support your answers and provide references. A minimum of 3 outside references are required.
o You can use digital eBooks.
o Notes, assignments, and internet sources are not allowed.
• APA citations are required,

Paper should include Introduction and conclusion along with a page of each topic