Sample Nursing Paper on Effective Leadership

Characteristics of effective leadership

Leadership involves the act of leading a group of people towards a common goal.  Effective leadership requires having the necessary skills to motivate and influence your subjects in the desired direction. An effective leader must be visionary with the ability to foresee the future and take appropriate steps towards realizing the results of the future (Fischer et al., 2016).  By being an inspiration to the subjects, the leader motivates and remains optimistic on purpose by guiding to overcome the present future challenges. Additionally, the leaders should be confident enough to ensure others follow the instructions. Being able to take significant risks and sure of the quality of your decisions to build trust with the people looking up to you. Honesty and integrity of a leader will ensure that the leader can stick to their core values and beliefs, thereby ethical in their course of actions (Frankel et al., 2019).  Moreover, being an excellent communicator is key in providing directions, communicating the visions, and strategy to achieve goals.  By careful selection of words, information passed to other people prevents confusion and making of mistakes.

Jack Ma and success of Alibaba Group

Ma Yun, famously known as Jack Ma, is the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, a leading e-commerce enterprise has shown effective leadership to the success of his business. His leadership skills, such as being an inspiration has enabled him to motivate people in realizing that there is no stranger to failure as he states failure is giving up on achieving the set goals (Lee et al., 2016). Additionally, his strong belief in empowering people and future generations has made him able to reserves part of the company’s revenue to educate and enrich the culture of students in China.


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