Sample Nursing Paper on Family Structural Theory

Family Structural Theory

The family structural theory (FST) posits that a family is a unit that grows with time to form a culture and a community. Any processes that interfere with this development often disintegrate the family structure to be reorganized in a new way (Edelman, Mandle & Kudzma, 2013). Second marriages are one of the processes that influence this transition because the new marriage brings values and beliefs from the previous one. The FST can be used to identify the strengths of the new union in order to minimize dysfunctional patterns of engagement and interaction. The model provides a framework that can be used to transform communication patterns and systems within such a family.

One of the ways that families creating from second marriages can function is through setting new integrated beliefs and values by involving all members’ ideas, opinions, and thoughts. Involving the family members is important because it gives emphasis to the family structure rather than focusing on individuals’ problems. It helps the new family to resolve inconsistencies in the family structure and communications, restoring the normal functioning of the family system. The transition period can be handled by a therapist who becomes a temporary member of the family. He observes but remains objective in directing the family towards productive engagement as well as better psychosocial functioning. He contributes by discussing and relating past experiences from each of the members’ previous family systems in order to develop a common history. The therapist facilitates every member’s understanding of their new situation and directs them towards overcoming their previous norms from the previous marriage. Gradually, the blended family learns how to function as one with the creation of new norms, beliefs, and values. This transition that involves a complex integration process is informed by the family structural theory.




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