Sample Nursing Paper on Nursing Advocacy

Nursing Building Blocks

Nursing advocacy is a broad field with certain specific building blocks. These are:

Patient advocacy: pushing for the upholding of the wishes of the patient including         living wills, DNR, DNI

Advocacy on behalf of colleagues: championing for better work environment, better   remuneration and better work environment etc.

Advocacy for the profession: better recognition and representation in government     committees.

Self-advocacy: right to career growth and development, right to leave and allowances

Problem Solving

The sole mandate of advocacy is to address issues that call for mediation and intervention. The mediation involves problem identification, problem analysis and strategy formulation. In nursing practice, a myriad of milestones made have been achieved through engaging of policy makers with proposals of the course of action. This mode however demands patience and intense lobbying. Most advocacy initiatives are realized through collaborative efforts, mediation, and concession.

Influence: For the advocate’s message to have the desired impact, the advocate has to inspire others to action. The advocate has to infiltrate their thinking and sway their mindset. The ability to move crowds and sway opinion is crucial to the advocacy process. Influence is built on aptitude, excellent communication, integrity, and trustworthiness. Effective advocacy influences policy makers by highlighting pertinent areas for mediation using empirical demonstrations and facts while using social impact to life to manipulate the decision makers standpoints. Nurse advocates demonstrate to various government and federal committees on the importance of their unionization and or pay hike.

Collaboration: Just like nursing practice, advocacy is achieved through concerted efforts by the concerned parties.  Collective bargaining is bolstered mergence of several groups to achieve certain objectives. Collaborative endeavors, by extension, increase the social networks of the advocate, important in pushing the Nursing agenda in different forums.

Nurse advocates push for reforms in different spheres. Most of the issues voiced are meant to improve services or conditions for others. Issues that may begin as persona issues end up being of benefit to the profession and to patients. This further corroborates the idea that nursing is a social discipline.


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