Sample Nursing Paper on Nursing Learning Environment

The practical learning requires the student to have a better and favorable environment that will guide them to have a unique and better understanding. Notably, the situation equips the nursing learner with the best methods that facilities the effective practice and handling of issues related to the health problem (Meller, 2019). Enhancing the better environment creates the curiosity to develop the skills and knowledge that open the mind of the learners, thus facilitating effective decision making and critical thinking in the profession.  In this regards, therefore, there are various methods that I can employ to design the learning experience of the student and creates the great environment that will guide their effectiveness to promote positive and profound learning to the student (Barkley, & Major, 2020). I will ensure that I understand and learn the experience hierarchy of the needs of the student in the learning program. The move will enable the student to have the proper engagement that will help them to understand the reliable information that is convenient in the program in future practices. More so, I will ensure that I build and create an LDX plan that will facilities the strategies and the goals that the students are supposed to focus on their learning process.

I think that the student educator should encourage the student to be open to different methods of learning that will eradicate the comfort ability of the student in the learning process. The move will ensure that the student is always engaged in learning, and they are more curious to attain their goal in the profession. Notably, the engagement will make them more concerned and facilitates the developing of the skills and knowledge that is more reliable for their success in their career.





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