Sample Nursing Paper on Nursing Research

The passage through menarche among Haitian refugees is an ethnography inquiry as it focuses on the cultural practices and customs practiced among Haitians. In this case, a researcher can identify these practices by observing their practices from a distance or as part of the community. The process of coping among AIDS patients can be assessed through the grounded theory. This method is based on pre-existing research and frameworks that were previously established. Patients with AIDS also receive counseling on coping strategies that they can use when faced with stigma. As such, numerous patients around the world apply the same mechanisms. Studying the effectiveness of these strategies can be done through the grounded theory approach.

The process of having a child with leukemia can best be assessed through the phenomenological inquiry method. This method is used to obtain information based on how people feel and think. It focuses on individual experiences based on what they have gone through. At the root of this method, is the need to understand human understanding as it is experienced by individual people (Valle 22-23).

Rituals relating to deaths among nursing home residents can be assessed through the grounded theory method. This is because; this practice is common among numerous nursing homes and may entail national or regional guidelines (Valle 22-23).

The ‘do-not-resuscitate’ order can also be assessed through the grounded theory because nurses obtain training on how to handle different situations. As such assessing how different nurses handle such a situation will rely on nursing guidelines and how well these guidelines are implemented in different facilities.

The decision-making process among nurses regarding ‘do-not-resuscitate’ order can be analyzed through the phenomenological inquiry. While nurses obtain education on managing such situations, they also base their decision on personal beliefs and ideologies. As such, some nurses may resuscitate a patient based on their belief in promoting life. The best way to obtain an appropriate population would be to base the research on a healthcare facility where nurses are involved in managing patients such as a nursing home facility.

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