Sample Nursing Paper on Schools of Thought in Nursing

Advancements in nursing have ignited theories by different scholars regarding belief systems in nursing. As such, there have been three predominant philosophical schools of thought which include received view, perceived view, and postmodernism. However, there is no dominant philosophy that has prevailed in the nursing profession. The trend has motivated nursing theorists to do extensive research in an attempt to support a particular belief system, but all have been in vain. Essentially, most people would agree that nursing is a multi-paradigm profession. I think both perceived and received view are essential in nursing, but postmodernism is the best school of thought that encompasses the nursing philosophy.

From my experience in the nursing career, postmodernism tends to have more strength than the other two philosophies. Received view uses evidence-based approach while perceived view focuses on interrelatedness and realities learned based on learned and lived experiences (McEwen et al., 2019). Additionally, received view is built on reductionism, which strongly influences nursing care and practices while perceived view is considered to be value-free and lack ethical considerations. I dispute these two theories because I believe nurses should work with their mind and heart; this is a fundamental value in nursing practice (Parker & Smith, 2016). I support postmodernism because it considers the scientific values and methods; also, it is not aligned to a single truth. Postmodernism utilizes multiple meanings. Thus, this provides an avenue for a different interpretation of reality (Walters, 2016). In the supported theory, there is provision for uncertainties in knowledge, which leads to the relevance of researching for fact-finding. I am inclined to postmodernism because it is more of scientific than traditional ways of thought.

Although different people may have different reactions to the best philosophical school thought that encompasses the nursing profession, nurses should perform their duties with the best interests. The performance standards should be conformed to the acquired training, and this proves why postmodernism may have more strength in nursing as compared to other theories.


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