Sample Nursing Paper on Statistics for Elder Abuse

Statistics for Elder Abuse

The statistic that I chose in regard to this assignment is the number of abused elderly people. The reason I chose this statistic is that I have so much sympathy for the elderly, and I wanted to know whether they are treated fairly or not. By looking into this statistic I would be able to identify exactly how many elderly people are mistreated.

According to CDC one in every ten elderly people are abused (CDC, 2016). Kindly note that the abuse elders undergo can be physical, emotional, financial and even sexual in various instances (Mauk, 2017). The only reason I find this to be an interesting read is because it brings to light the seriousness of the matter. This statistics empowers institution and individual to be more vigilant in looking after the elderly. In fact, it can prompt a wide movement that focuses on identifying abused elders and offer assistance to them. Furthermore, this can be used as a platform to encourage abused elders to speak up against being mistreated. The reason being that most abused elders do not report cases of mistreatment.

The statistics did surprise me. I did not think that such a large number of elders are abused. It is sad to think that in every ten elders we meet, one suffers neglect, abuse or mistreatment. It is a shame to see society treating the people who ushered us into the world so badly. When conducting the research I thought that the only a few elders are being abused. I thought that maybe one in one hindered elders are being abused. In conclusion, I thought that the numbers would have been different than what I saw.


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