Sample Nursing Paper on Teaching Nurse Resilience in a Nursing Curriculum

The Role-Play Class Room Activity

Due to the benefits that accrue from nurse resilience, this section develops a role-play class room activity illustrating a nurse-doctor and nurse-patient conflict in ABC Hospital in the Operating Room (OR). The Doctor is a new specialist who has just joined the hospital and this is his first operation.

Nurse-Doctor Conflict:

Nurse: Hello sir, can we have a time out procedure for this operation?

Doctor: What’s wrong with you all! I do not have time for this. Just follow my orders!

Resilient Nurse: It is okay sir, but it is important to have a time out procedure before an operation is done. It is a standard way of doing things

Doctor: Okay, but I don’t like this kind of non-sense!

Resilient Nurse: Alright sir, Thank you!

Nurse-Patient Conflict

Here, the patient wants to be discharged from the hospital despite the nurse being of the opinion that the patient is not fully recovered, thus needs more hospital bed time;

Patient: What is happening here? I am fine; I have to go home right now!

Resilient Nurse: Sir, I respect your concerns, however, I don’t think it is safe for you to be discharged at this time. You need more time with the care givers.

Patient: I don’t care!

Resilient Nurse: Please sir, I must insist on this is for your own good and wellness

Patient: Okay, how much longer should I stay here?

Resilient Nurse: Thank you for Understanding. I will update you on your progress and discharge you soonest possible.

Why the Activity is Chosen and how it aligns with the Theory

The rationale behind choosing this particular activity is that it perfectly illustrates the practical common work place challenges faced by many nurses. Most nurses work in environments associated with high stress levels that require a lot of resilience. The scenario aligns with the traditional adult nursing theory as it exemplifies how the nurse has developed a wide range of skills and knowledge necessary to offer the necessary care to adult patients. While the patient was angry and not satisfied with the decision to stay at the hospital, the nurse was skilled enough to know what was necessary for the best care.