Sample Nursing Paper on The American Cancer Society

Cancer is a major health problem in the U.S since the disease can lead to death of the affected thereby, affecting the productivity of the state. American Cancer Society (ACS) is an agency involved in the eradication of cancer through conducting research, providing education and advocacy to the public (Wender, Fontham, Barrera, Colditz, Church, Ettinger & LaMonte, 2013). Therefore, the syndicate offers support to the affected by giving information about cancer and helping them acquire both local and national resources for better treatment.  Some of the services provided by ACS that I can recommend for a friend are the treatment option for cancer, prevention techniques, and how to cope with the disease.

Cancer is regarded as the second primary cause of morbidity and mortalities in the United States. However, over the past years, the number of individuals dying from the disease has reduced due to developments in cancer screening and treatment techniques (Siegel, Miller, & Jemal, 2017). Factors enhancing cancer incidence and deaths are increased use of tobacco, alcohol, old age, a person’s health condition, and nature of the environment. For instance, harmful chemicals found in the environment and the availability of other diseases in one’s body promotes the occurrence of cancer. Implementation of regular screening policy and programs by the state can help physicians detect and remove any precancerous growths, hence, offering intervention at an early phase (Simon, 2018). Equally, regular exercise accompanied by healthy nutrition can decrease the magnitude of cancer demises.

The organization is implementing a community reach program mainly to enlighten women on the causes and preventive techniques of breast cancer. The process involves providing education and publications on breast cancer as a way of creating awareness (Simon, 2018). The exercise will help in reducing the number of people dying from cancer. Equally, the activity aims at improving the quality of life of individuals already affected by the condition.



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