Sample Nursing Paper on The California Nurse Practice Act

The California Nurse Practice Act that Defines the Legal Scope of the Nurse’s Responsibilities for Teaching

Article 10 of the California board of registered nursing stipulates and outlines clearly the functions of a tutor.

In terms of aesthetic knowing, I personally think that California code of regulations allows educators to apply aesthetic knowledge for individual clients and students. The act states that educators should apply intuition in ascertaining the need of each and every student. This is central to an effective nursing education experience. I therefore believe that mentors should be pragmatic in nature when carrying out their day to day task as stipulated in the act (Kalischuk & Davies, 2011).

In terms of personal knowing, I had an experience with the nursing act at California, where student are expected to adhere to the rules and regulation as outlined in the act. The act expected that educators provide professional services and consultation to student to ensure that they gain the necessary skills and competence required for their professional practice in this field (Kalischuk & Davies, 2011).

According to Ethical Knowing, I respect that nursing practice act imposes strict measures that controls ethical decision made by the practitioners. Ethical framework facilitates making the right choices considering the diverse nature of the learners. Instructors need to adhere and conform to the framework denoted by the act to ensure that student address themselves according to moral and ethical uprightness (Mason, Leavitt, & Chaffee, 2014).

In terms of empiric knowing, evidence shows that pioneer nurse educators inculcate a culture of self-reliance and collaborative environment. The end result is improved service delivery because student makes decision based on their professional code of ethics. Thus, educator’s presence matters a lot in helping the cultures grow in student. One of the theories that support this information is Adaptation model of nursing theory that defines and categorizes the duties of a nurse and social systems (Mason, Leavitt, & Chaffee, 2014).


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