Sample Nursing Paper on The Impact of COVID-19 on the Nursing Profession

Professional paper Nursing 4: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Nursing Profession


  1. Identify 3 ways that the COVID-19 has impacted patients in the community and/or healthcare system. Please give specific examples of patients you may have cared for or encountered.


  1. Identify 2 ways that nursing care has been impacted by the pandemic. This may include direct patient care and/or the function of nursing within the healthcare system as a whole. Give specific examples you have experienced or witnessed in the clinical setting.
  • Consider the pandemic’s impact on retention of nursing staff. How has this impacted patient care and team dynamics?
  • Describe your own observations and experiences in the clinical environment. Do not include patient identifiers in the paper.
  • Consider the Nurse of the Future competencies in your discussion.


  1. Discuss how the pandemic has influenced quality improvement initiatives in the clinical setting.
    • Topics for consideration:
      1. New initiatives or changes to initiatives (policies, practices, etc.)
      2. Cost controlling measures
  • Retention strategies, onboarding, etc.


  1. In the development this assignment, provide at least 2 evidence-based peer-reviewed articles that reflect your findings within the body of the paper. Proper citations and references must be included according to APA format.



  1. Typed, double-spaced, size 12 font. (4-5 pages, not including title or reference page)
  2. Follows format of American Psychological Association (APA 7th ed.) format using in text citations and reference list
  3. Use of correct grammar and spelling
  4. Organized and transitions from one topic to another.



*** Clarification for where it says to give examples of our patients from clinical because we did not see COVID patients: “ It is asking for your to consider how COVID-19 has impacted the care of patients in the community/inpatient setting, not how the disease has impacted patients personally.  We understand that many of you have been unable to care for patients with active COVID-19 diagnoses in the clinical arena.  Consider the following:


-visiting hours

-mask wearing and communication

-fear of or limited access to care (elective procedures)