Sample Nursing Reflection Paper on Abortion Debate

The response I most resonate with is response 3. This is because this is a calibrated and balanced response that seeks to reconcile the opposers and proponents of abortions by appealing to them using logic. In this post, one is made aware that there are many reasons for a woman to seek the termination of a pregnancy (Holquist, 2014). Some of the reasons for termination are justifiable while others are not. The proponents of abortion mostly cite the justifiable reasons to support their position while the opponents of abortion pay more attention to the unjustifiable causes of abortion. Some of the justifiable causes for abortion are getting pregnant through rape, incest, when the child is severely deformed before birth and when the pregnancy is high risk and has the likelihood of killing the mother if taken to term.

Some of the unjustifiable reasons for terminating a pregnancy would include when the woman or girl wants to avoid the embarrassment of getting pregnant before marriage or when it is done to spite the man responsible for the pregnancy (Warren, 2015). Many issues and emotions surround a pregnant woman who is considering an abortion. Some of them are straightforward while others are philosophical. For example, it is reasonable to consider the quality of life that will be experienced by the child once he/she is born. Some women choose to abort to avoid raising their children in poverty or taken by the children welfare system. These reasons and many others contribute to the controversy surrounding abortion (Holquist, 2014). People who oppose abortion are not absolutely right and neither are proponents of abortion. The best way to treat this issue is to have abortion dealt with on a case by case basis and the circumstances unique to each case considered.




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