Sample Nursing Website Review on American Diabetes Association

Various websites are available for patient and public information regarding healthcare issues. One of these websites is the American Diabetes Association website, which provides information on living with and managing diabetes. The website provides information on type I, type II and gestational diabetes, and gives users the opportunity to search for the information they desire. This website can be deduced to be a good source of information on diabetes and I would recommend it for anyone. The website is both simple and sufficiently informative and can be used even by individuals who have no knowledge on the subject of diabetes. Additionally, considering the five criteria provided by the Cochrane library on the evaluation of website content, it is arguable that the American Diabetes Association is a good source of reliable and accurate information.

The first criterion is the accuracy of the site. The website provides a physical address as well as an e-mail address through which the organization can be contacted. The contact details give evidence of accuracy. Secondly, the website is of one of the preferred domains, i.e. .org. It also gives information to patients who would need to seek for further information and for diabetes help and provides the qualifications of the referral places. These give evidence of the authority of the page. Moreover, the objectivity of the website is confirmed through its focus on information that would be considered useful to individuals who need to know more about diabetes; the website has no evidence of advertisement. It is current, as indicated by the update dates indicated on the posts, most of which are in 2019 and 2020; and also has a good coverage as one is not limited from accessing any parts of the side or obliged to register for access to resources.

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