Sample Nutrition Article Review on Vitamin C in Humans

Vitamin C in Humans

The human organism receives vitamin C from complements and foods.  It is important for our body because it aids to of  heal the wounds, takes part in the formation of teeth and bones, absorbs  iron, helps the body to fight against diseases, and contributes to growth and repair of tissues (Thrive Market, 2017). A deficiency in vitamin C is associated with the symptoms of  dry and rough skin, persistent illnesses, nosebleeds, bruises, inflamed gums, or it can also be related to severe health problems like stroke, cancer, and atherosclerosis.

Vitamin C performs various functions in the human body. It speeds up the natural repair system of the skin preventing harm.  Vitamin C further averts heart and stroke diseases. It slows down the degree at which arteries harden, lessening the dangers of heart and atherosclerosis attacks (Thrive Market, 2017). What is more, it bandages wounds, prevents  weight loss, and cancer. It also helps to enhance one’s libido.  Vitamin C supplements are also packed in cosmetic products like eye cream.  This encourages formation of collagen that makes the skin smooth. A person can add vitamin C in his/her body daily by taking foods rich in vitamin C like tomatoes, peas, spinach, leafy greens, and mango among the others.

From the article  I have learned what quantity of vitamin C is recommended to take daily. For instance, an adolescent is supposed to take 75 and 65 milligrams every day for a male and a female respectively (Thrive Market, 2017). Further, I have studied that consumption of vitamin C can help prevent stroke, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

In conclusion, it is highly recommended that both infants and adults consume the recommended quantities of vitamin C daily to be in good health.



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