Sample Nutrition Essays on Fad Diet for Treating Diabetes

Fad Diet for Treating Diabetes       

Fad diet is a diet that is a craze or in fashion and is usually followed by great enthusiasm by a vast majority of people (Zahensky 7). Fads are usually sustained by social acceptance rather than inherent qualities. Since time in memorial, people have formulated a number of fad diets that have been postulated as stellar solutions for some of the common lifestyle illnesses or conditions such as obesity and diabetes. Even though many are quick to adapt to the trendy fad diets, a vast number of erudite researchers are in agreement that the fad diet does not necessarily work on everyone. The fad diets are usually popular during a certain period of time after which they quickly fade once another new popular fad diet has emerged. However, one of the fad diets that is both trendy and nutritious to the body is that which purposes to help in the prevention of diabetes disease.

The incidence and prevalence of diabetes is rapidly increasing among the people belonging to young age groups. This has become a great concern for the society as the cost of living shoots due to the skyrocketing price of a single dose of insulin. Diabetes is a chronic illness and managing the condition is indeed a daunting and challenging task. It is with this reason that Dr. Atkin formulated the Atkin diet specifically with an objective of assisting Diabetes victims on what to eat. In this diet, the daily carbohydrate intake is limited to 20g. Meat, fish, full fat cheese, butter and oil are unlimited. Two or three cups of non-starchy vegetable salads are permitted daily, whereas the low fat dairy products, fruit, grains and starchy vegetables are excluded (Baldwin 3).

This diet is eminently important to Diabetic patients as carbohydrate restrictions improve glycemic control and reduces fluctuations in insulin. Furthermore, carbohydrate restriction in the above fad diet ameliorates all of the features of metabolic syndrome where as higher carbohydrate diets are associated with postprandial hyperglycemia and hypertriglyceridemia (Feinman 4).

In conclusion, as much as a vast majority of people would criticize fad diet to be a strategy that a company utilizes to make quick money, the Atkins diet is still considered to be the best in managing Diabetes.



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