Sample Nutrition Paper on Dying to be Thin

Sample Nutrition Paper on Dying to be Thin

The documentary examines patients suffering from different types of eating disorders from the entertainment world including anorexia and bulimia, obsessive urge to lose weight, which has been tormenting their lives aiming to look good, or to save a career. Actresses, dancers, models, and celebrities are strongly driven and obsessed by the idea to attain the unachievable image of perfection. The interviews with patients give insights of how weight loss promoted their career growth , and what detrimental consequences they faced after this sacrifice.

The society has set up certain beauty parameters that determine the  success in the career. No matter how talented a person is, if these parameters are not achieved, it becomes extremely difficult to climb the career ladder, since discouragements, low self-esteem, and disqualifications stand in the way. Consequently,  a person forced to put the health in jeopardy in order to meet the requirements of theentertainment world. This is, however, a death fight, as statistics reveal that Americans diagnosed with eating disorders like Anorexia are likely to succumb to the illnesses. Eating disorders have fatalconsequences. Most victims end up with an unhealthy diet,and suffer other kinds of complications like heart attacks. Long term starvation can result inlow blood pressure, damages to kidneys and liver, and heart failures. Erika Goodman is an example of a victim suffering from extreme dieting practice . In her 60s, she lives struggling anorexia and severe osteoporosis.

Despite the alarming and dangerous facts of eating disorders, Americans continue to increasingly indulge in excessive weight loss practices to gain a perfect image starting from young girls. The society is involved in the perfection game that sets the rules for young girls to take extreme measures to be closer to their celebrity ideals. Once people idealize normal body as a perfect body the problem will be solved and will save the lives from a death trap.


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