Sample Nutrition Paper on Self Reflection on Nutrition


I choose the two diets to compare due to the amount of feedback each has received. I have had about Weight Watchers diet, but came across the Dukan diet after recognizing that there is a lot of discussion and arguments concerning its effectiveness. Many people agree that the Weight Watchers diet is very effective. However, peoples’ opinions are split on whether Dukan diet is as effective as its proponents claim or it’s just a theory. The Dukan diet plan suggests that people were healthier when they were living in gathering and hunting society due to their eating habits. Under the best diets overall, Dukan diet is ranked at position 39. It is ranked 30th in best weight loss diets, 37 in diabetes diet plans, 14 in commercial diet plans,  21 in fast weight loss diets, 39 in healthy living best diets, 40 in best heart-healthy diets and 36  in diets which are easiest to follow. Weight Watchers diet has been ranked first in the best weight-loss diet, commercial diet plans, and fast weight-loss diets. It is the 4th in best diets overall, 3rd in diabetes diets, 2nd in easiest diets to follow, 14th in heart-healthy diets and 5th in diets for healthy eating.


Weight Watchers diet guides its members or those who have subscribed to the program towards an eating pattern having higher amounts of protein but lower in saturated fats, calories, and sugar. The plan classifies certain categories of food as necessary. The healthy foods include whole grains, lean meat, fat-free dairy, vegetables, and fruits.  On the other hand, Dukan diet has four phases, and each phase has its restrictions and preferences. The stages include attack, cruise, consolidation, and permanent stabilization. The attack phase provides an individual with sixty-eight pure protein foods which includes poultry, lean meat, eggs, fat-free dairy products, vegetarian proteins, sugar-free gratin, and shellfish. One should eat portion wise. The diet has provided a range of foods to eat, and one is forbidden to cheat irrespective of whether he or she is craving something else apart from the recommended foods. The second stage adds thirty-two vegetables.

Dukan third stage re-introduces starches, bread, cheese and fruits and is regarded as the most important stage. In the stabilization stage no foods are forbidden although people are advised to observe the consolidation phase diet. Dukan diet restricts food having a high level of fat and sugar. Very few scientific studies have claimed that Dukan diet is sustainable and effective.  This shows that one cannot rely on the diet in the long-term and despite the possibility of losing weight in the diets strict phases most people using the diet are at risk of regaining the weight which they had initially lost (Fitzgerald et al.). Scientific research has shown that Weight Watchers diet is a good diet for weight loss. Although one is not guaranteed that he or she will not regain the original weight, observing the diet will provide him or her with the chances of having the desired weight in the long-run (Fitzgerald et al.).

Level of Difficulty to Follow

Dukan Diet

The diet requires financial resources and time to achieve the final objectives. The first phase which will last for one week requires me to eat lean protein and one and a half teaspoon of oat bran each day. The second phase involves a lot of commitment concerning money and time. I am required to alternate lean protein with non-starchy veggies and lean protein between days between one month and a year. For every pound lost in the first two phases, I am expected to introduce five days of unlimited veggies and lean protein, some fats, and curbs and one day per week of lean protein only for the third phase. I will then be required to follow the basic third phase guidelines and increase oat bran to 3 teaspoons each day.

Weight Watchers Diet

The program will allocate me weekly SmartPoints and these points provide me with flexibility. The points will allow me to take the normal three meals a day and two snacks. However, the program will be a bit expensive since I must sign up for a program. It will also require commitment since a significant amount of time is required to attend group meetings. The availability of free recipe found on the mobile app or company website makes it easier for me to prepare meals. The recipe also includes cooking time and preparation, user reviews and difficulty level.


I would want my friends and family members to follow Weight Watchers diet. The diet never results in scams or fads to convince people to buy its products. Despite the fact that there is a low-carbohydrate craze the diet continues to champion for a long-term and sensible approach to shed weight. Most scientific studies also support the diets position as an ideal diet for one to lose weight. The programs group support and counseling sessions making it a proper diet to help control lost weight.



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