Sample Outline Paper on Finance of healthcare

Thesis Statement: Decision making processes regarding financing of healthcare require a transformational leadership approach both in the long term and in short term ranges.

  1. The United States healthcare market has suffered from the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (Walshe & Smith, 2016).
  2. There are a lot of issues in the healthcare setting
  3. The United States of America is facing complexity of systems which include:
  4. Financial shortfalls
  5. Poor distribution of resources in the healthcare setting
  6. Ineffective policies in the healthcare financing
  7. Safety of patients is of greater concern in some healthcare setting
  8. The complexity of systems is due to poor transformational leadership which is unable to bring a change to the policies straining the healthcare sector (Emanuel, 2011).
  9. The policies regarding healthcare financing affects various parties which are:
  10. Healthcare facilities
  11. Insurance companies
  12. National and local governments
  13. Non-governmental organizations
  14. Private Sector
  15. There is incoherence regarding financing in the various parties.
  16. There is the need for transformational leadership in the healthcare financing.
  17. The various stakeholders should embrace stimulation and inspiration to achieve outcomes (Schmid, Siemsen & Götze, 2016).
  18. Strengthening goal attainment and setting of objectives in healthcare financing is the core for success (Preker, 2018).
  19. Sharing of goals and visions by leaders enhances effective healthcare financing.
  20. There is need for articulating for reforms in the financing systems by use of transformational leadership (Paolucci, 2011).
  21. Use of contingency theories of leadership in handling healthcare financing is a better strategy to attain a successful healthcare finance plan. Some of the things to be considered are:
  22. Variables related to the healthcare environment (Shaw, 2010).
  23. Particular style of leadership that suit the situation.
  24. Striking of balance between different aspects.
  25. Frameworks to use in healthcare financing are:
  26. The general frame of national healthcare laws and regulations.
  27. Protection of the rights of consumers.
  28. Optimal healthcare coverage.
  29. In conclusion, considering challenges and issues associated with reforms within professional facilities, transformational leadership in the sphere also requires skills in motivational leadership and tactical decision-making.



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