Admissions Essay for a PHD Program in the Dental School

Admissions Essay for a PHD Program in the Dental School

I believe that our destinies are determined by the choices we make. Being a Puerto Rican, I chose to accept and embrace challenges by moving out my comfort zone to pursue biological sciences in the Unites States of America. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Neuroscience from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor). My four years during my study in this university was a stepping-stone geared towards ensuring that I have a successful career in the biological sciences discipline. I perfected a second language that enabled me to adjust appropriately in a different climate and make many friends. Considering the fact that my career requires contact with people of different cultures, perfection of this second language will in no doubt ensure that I excel in the dental field. Currently, I am doing my Masters program in Biological Sciences showing how much I am focused and dedicated in the Dentistry field.

My ultimate and utmost desire is to become a professionally respected Orthodontist. Moreover, I am also fascinated by the way the uncanny human body is capable of adapting to changes. This desire gives motivates and interest me in exploring the human body and making meaningful impacts on the lives of human beings. I do believe that with the love, passion, and hard work for any job, success is undoubtedly possible. As an Orthodontist, I want to be directly responsible for improving the overall health of any person in the society. This means that I should be able to put a smile on peoples face and lives through professional and aesthetic health improvement.

My experiences have significantly contributed to this ultimate desire of being an Orthodontist. In 2010 while still doing my Bachelor’s Degree, I was honored to be the only student selected by physicians from the university of Michigan Hospital to attend an annual mission trip to Honduras. During this expedition, I performed various duties including; assisting the medical team as they provided care for the patients, obtained family histories, and even helped in performing medical surgeries. My exemplary effort was recognized a few days later by the nursing staff, where I was assigned to conduct routine tests in the hospital. Towards the end of my internship, I realized that I had made a difference in the lives of many patients. This was evident when a patient thanked me for having given her proper care and even called me a doctor. This feeling gave me the notion that I was in the right path of making positive impacts concerning the health of patients.

This trip also made me realize that experiences are integral in the Biological Sciences field. Being an exceptional trip, I had firsthand experience in treating patient conditions, understanding their needs and comforting them were all fundamental factors necessary to pursue dentistry as a profession. Furthermore, my bilingual nature made me realize that I had a rare talent in this field. It is very important for any health practitioner to orally comprehend any information provided by a patient. In most situations, I was able to understand the various needs of different people and culture. Considering the fact that people in the United States are quickly embracing Spanish, it is equally important that language barrier should not affect the care given to patients.

Another fulfilling and gratifying experience occurred at a pediatric dentistry facility in Ann Arbor, MI. I was able to experience and learn many things in this facility. I was able to gain dental knowledge by observing various procedures such as: dental extractions, dental impressions, fillings, and x-ray analysis. I also learnt the various dental terms and tools used in this field of health care.

With the Honduras trip medical excursion and dental pediatric facility experiences, I was able to obtain a remarkable amount of patient contact, which is crucial in the dentistry field. Personally, I am confident that I posses all the necessary characteristics and qualification of a good health care provider. Some of these characteristics that I posses from the experiences include compassion, empathy, leadership and responsibility among others. Moreover, I am an energized and self motivated individual capable of using any resources to ensure I positively impact the lives of people in the society. I believe that with such qualities I would not only be able to achieve my desire but also inspire other interested people in this career.

Making a reputable difference and the ultimate improvement of the quality of life in the study of dentistry are some of the most important visions and achievements that gives me the drive to pursue this career. Admission into the PHD program for an Orthodontia course will endow me with a profound academic success and positively impact the health of people. This is because I am truly confident that my passion in this field gives an academic self drive and the desire to have meaningful experiences as I pursue my career.