Sample Paper on Architecture Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

Spaces in cities play a major role as elucidated in the unit. The usage of squares and plazas caught my attention, as well as the utilization of open spaces in the cities. As explicated, many architects and planners have previously advocated for open spaces within the cities, for vibrancy. However, it is evident that today, landscape planners advocate for a good utilization of space, to create a meaningful environment, one that will contribute to the overall feel of the city. The spaces have to be utilized to create a good feel for users in the city, which are majorly comprised of business and a buzz of activities.

Squares and plazas play a significant role in a city, as depicted throughout the unit. Various plazas and squares play varying roles in the cities in which they are located, with some being used heavily, whereas others are hardly ever used. For example, the example of a public square in Veracruz in Mexico, which is minimally used during the day, but becomes the heart of the city with bands playing to a large audience during the night. Plazas have the potential to generate activity, precisely business, playing a significant role in ensuring growth of a city, and a country in general.




I commend your focus on Trails, and their role in highlighting places, as well as linking them based on themes. I agree that trails contribute majorly to landscape architecture, as well as enhancing area images. The socio-historic importance of trails is unarguable, with their representation of a place’s importance playing a vital role, which would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Association of trails with places is momentous, making them key landmarks, and thus major components of landscape architecture